Director's Message

I am delighted to be able to offer a warm welcome to LGS.
I am thrilled to be leading this community of schools during this exciting time in history. At JT, we view diversity as our biggest strength as we aim to inspire in our students the curiosity to learn, the self-confidence to lead and the compassion to serve. As we do this, our primary source of insight and energy is our students’ validation, critique and innovative ideas. I hope our website gives you a sense of how ambitious, purposeful and busy we are having embarked on this mission!

Mrs. Samina Rahman



Faiqa Afzal

A Level Principal

The passion and enthusiasm that both faculty and students bring to this institution are what define it as ‘home’ to all who wish to learn and grow. From the moment a young person enters our school, we want him to feel a sense of belonging as this is essential to his future success, both as a human being and as a student. Our cherished goal is the holistic development and empowerment of our students.

Nighat Khan

O Level Principal

You are about to enter a very exciting, if not the most exciting phase, of your life so far, and are justified to be very anxious. O Level, undoubtedly, is a challenging phase in everyone’s life, but with a proper balanced approach it certainly is manageable. We at LGS JT Senior Boys Campus have managed striking that perfect balance where a healthy body houses a brilliant mind.



Place Place In our school, learning is made alive thanks greatly to a purpose-built campus spread over almost 3.5 acres with international, state of the art facilities such as a professional basketball court, tennis court, gymnasium, swimming pool, playing fields for cricket, hockey, football and rooms for music, robotics, chess, snooker and other multi-purposes. Purpose Purpose Our compelling purpose is to develop outstanding Pakistani citizens eager to contribute to the social and economic prosperity of our country and the world beyond. We do this by striving to make our students visionary problem-solvers who communicate with clarity, collaborate with humility and lead with service. People From the moment our students first arrive at the school, they find our diversity is one of our greatest assets. It allows our students to constantly learn from one another, to grow, discover, question and connect within our large community. In turn, this enables them to understand themselves better, to develop confidence and tap into their own potential.



All we’ll say is this: the results don’t lie and neither do our college acceptances!
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Sannan Sharif Dhillion

Senior Prefect 2018-2019
Swarthmore College, Class of 2023

Five years ago, I was deeply insecure about my inability to speak fluent English, with my legs shaking the moment I had to utter a few words in class. Now, when I stand in front an audience of 1500, I stand with my feet firm on the ground, knowing that I have earned my place on the stage. Instead of worrying over who placed obstacles in my path, my work now consists of moving forward despite them. This is just one of the hundreds of lessons JT has taught me and when I look back at this journey, I realize there is a key value JT instills into each of its students: it teaches you that while you’re entitled to nothing, you are capable of everything.”

Saud Afzal Shafi

President, Business & Entrepreneurial Society, 2017-18
Williams College, Class of 2022
USD 53,000/ p.a Scholarship and financial aid

After finishing my O’levels from a relatively small school in Gujrat, I will not pretend I had no qualms or worries when I first set foot on campus. What if the competition among students is toxic? What if I struggle with my subjects and cannot get the help I need? What if I am not selected for any extracurricular opportunities? What if I cannot make any friends? Fortunately, all these worries were assuaged within the first few weeks. The competition between students was overwhelmingly healthy, with each student trying to best his own self. The teachers would go above and beyond what their jobs required them to do, ensuring that everyone in the class was comfortable with the material. Extracurriculars were plentiful and easily accessible, and the atmosphere was very friendly, making it incredibly easy to branch out. Under the leadership of the indomitable Ms. Faiqa Afzal, JT has become the best institution in Lahore for anyone who wishes to spend their A Level being pushed constantly to become the best version of themselves.”

Shaheer Malik

Head Boy 2015-16
Yale University 100% Scholarship

How can I explain why “brilliant academics” are an understatement in a place where A and O Level grades grow on trees and distinctions fall like ripe apples? How can “intense competition” begin to describe an environment where everybody is better than everyone else in one way or another? How does “amazing faculty” explain the teachers who are willing to not only invest extra time and effort in their students but also invest in their students emotionally; becoming more than just mentors and guides. How can “a tightly knit student body” describe the brotherly bonds that bind us together like family? How can “a successful extra-curricular program” do justice to the over flowing trophy cabinets and the long list of societies full of passionate people? How can “competent administration” describe the people who lose sleep over your problems and treat you like their own children? So perhaps the only thing I can say about JT is that it is an experience like no other and that coming here was simply the best decision of my life and I hope that you too will be able to say the same.”